Good News Friday

  • Seven amazing trends the media ignores that’ll make you feel great about the future. Upworthy.
  • The number of tobacco smokers worldwide is falling by about 5 million people a year. Euronews.
  • mRNA vaccine against tick bites could help prevent Lyme disease. New Scientist.
  • Green Jobs offer ex-offenders a career path after prison. Reasons to be Cheerful.
  • As cities wrestle with how to reform policing to reduce the use of lethal force, Albuquerque has created a new kind of responder on the streets. It sends behavioral specialists to deal with calls that involve emergencies like mental health issues and homelessness. Christian Science Monitor.
  • Virginia will expand Medicaid coverage up to a year after pregnancy. Virginia Mercury.
  • New HIV jabs taken two months apart hailed as huge step forward. The Guardian.
  • After record low, monarch butterflies return to California. NBC News.
  • Nurse salaries rise as demand for their services soars during Covid-19 pandemic. The Wall Street Journal.
  • New law in Kenya allows refugees to work. VOA.

For more good news, check out The Progress Network, Future Crunch, and Reasons to be Cheerful.

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