Don Juan Canto 13

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When we last left Don Juan, he had become quite popular in English society. What happens next? He’s invited to spend some time at the country estate of Lord Henry and his wife Lady Adeline Amundeville who is the queen bee of London society. They pass the time leisurely doing things like hunting, fishing, boating, writing letters, and having conversations over dinner. That’s about all that happens plot-wise, but we do get some more delightful digressions from Byron. Continue reading

Movie Review: The VVitch

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I finally got around to seeing The VVitch (2015). I liked that people spoke in period appropriate slang and wore period appropriate clothing. The discordant and minimalist music really added to the tension. I’m not an expert, but I think the film makers really succeeded in portraying witches in the way people of the time thought of them. You can tell a lot of historical research went into it. The acting is great and features some impressive work by child actors. However, in the end, I think it was ultimately just a typical horror film in which people get killed off one by one in a variety of gruesome ways. The fact that it fully embraces its historical setting certainly sets it apart from other horror movies, but I don’t think it was as ground-breaking as many others seem to think. Spoilers, including descriptions of some rather unpleasant things, below. Be warned. Continue reading

Canyon Shadows by C.R. Langille

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An ancient evil awakes near the small town of Canyon Shadows, Utah. Garrett Porter, an antiques dealer whose wife and daughter died in a car crash a year ago and who is trying to quit drinking, is drawn to the town. Troy Grimes, a man investigating his father’s suicide and who’s trying to quit smoking, is also drawn to the town. The mysterious Sheriff Dan Blackwood lives in Canyon Shadows and can sense something big is coming. When an ancient evil has the ability to possess the bodies of both the living and the dead, you can’t feel safe around anybody. Continue reading