Good News Friday

  • Malaria vaccine reaches more than one million children in Africa. Africanews.
  • 10 recent climate policies that could make a difference. The Washington Post.
  • Army approves sweeping new parenthood policies.
  • California advances bill to improve air quality in country’s top polluted region. The Hill.
  • Study shows ‘procedural justice’ police training led to better interactions with residents, fewer arrests, and a reduction in crime. CommonWealth.
  • Harvard will establish a $100 million fund to actively address the impacts of slavery that it benefitted from in its earliest years. NBC News.
  • The brain-reading devices helping paralyzed people to move, talk and touch. Nature.
  • For kids with Down syndrome, a new device offers hope for treating difficult sleep problems. STAT.
  • Unbelievably sensitive NACHOS satellite is ready to save lives by providing an early warning system for volcanoes. Freethink.
  • YouTube algorithms don’t turn unsuspecting masses into extremists, new study suggests. Reason.
  • Since the Kansas City nonprofit started planting gardens and orchards in 2013, its footprint has expanded to more than 330 orchards in 10 cities. The Kansas City Beacon.
  • A simple chemical twist turns plastic waste into a carbon-soaking sponge. Anthropocene.
  • Federal buildings agency cuts emissions 51% since 2008. Axios.
  • Fewest Americans collecting jobless aid since 1970. AP News
  • There are 1.4 million fewer Canadians living in poverty. Straight.
  • Bangladesh’s poverty declines to 11.9%. The Daily Star.
  • Humans destroyed forests for thousands of years – we can become the first generation that achieves a world in which forests expand. Our World in Data.
  • 10 practical ways to improve happiness. The Atlantic.

For more good news, check out The Progress Network, and Future Crunch.

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