Good News Friday

  • Six ways the lives of girls are improving. Unicef.
  • Lasers can help prevent surgical site infections in hospitals. Freethink.
  • Using A.I. to detect breast cancer that doctors miss. The New York Times.
  • Between 2000 and 2020, the annual number of women dying while pregnant or within 42 days of giving birth fell from 447,000 to 287,000. WHO.
  • Child marriage banned in England and Wales. Independent.
  • Australian unions celebrate 10 wins for women on International Women’s Day. ACTU.
  • Child poverty in Canada reduced by 40% in 2020. National Union.
  • Conservation efforts celebrated as 26 Australian species no longer need threatened listing. The Guardian.
  • Texas Senate passes a bipartisan effort to close teen gun loophole. The Texas Tribune.
  • Clean energy to make up 84% of new US power capacity in 2023. Canary Media.

For more good news, check out The Progress Network, and Future Crunch.

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