The Test

I’ve got another story up at Every Day Fiction called “The Test”. It’s a flash fiction story, so I can’t say too much about it without spoiling it, but the beginning was inspired by an actual event. I was on the freeway when I saw a fire truck coming up behind me with lights flashing and horn blaring. Like any decent human, I pulled over to let it pass, but I saw some jerk following behind the fire truck, using it to speed past everybody else. Who does that?

I was also inspired by a podcast I listen to called Oh No Ross and Carrie which did a series of episodes about real estate get-rich-quick schemes. I think I named the character Jack because my mom once complained about audio books having characters named Jack in them because inevitably, the phrase “Jack asked” will come up.

This story was originally published a few days ago, but I’m only mentioning it now because I was away on vacation to Bear Lake or, as the tourist industry is calling it now, “The Caribbean of the Rockies“. It was a really nice trip, highly recommended to anybody in the area. Anyway, if you like “The Test”, please leave a positive rating. It’s currently got 4.1 out of 5 stars, so a lot of readers seem to like it so far.

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