Gods of Jade and Shadow by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

36510722.jpg (313×475)

When we first meet Cassiopeia, she lives in a small, repressive Catholic town in Mexico in 1927. She’s a Cinderella figure scrubbing floors and doing other household work at her cousin’s command. She also has to put up with an abusive grandfather. Her father has died and her mother is in the same position she’s in.

All this changes when she meets Hun-Kamé, the Mayan god who rules the underworld. He’s been deposed and needs to recover his lost eye, ear, index finger, and jade necklace to regain his former glory. This won’t be easy as his brother, the usurper to the throne, can see the future.

The two travel across Mexico encountering other supernatural entities along the way such as a French demon, a God from the Huastec pantheon, a witch, a sorcerer, ghosts, and a spirit. In many ways, it’s like a Mexican version of American Gods since the gods are powered by belief and there’s hints Cassiopeia may be half-god herself. One thing that makes it different is the burgeoning romance between Cassiopeia and Hun-Kamé, although I found it cheesy that she didn’t consider herself to be pretty until he told her she was. I also couldn’t help wondering what happened to Cassiopeia’s mother who’s largely forgotten about by the end.

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