Tales from the Lake Volume 2

As with most anthologies, I liked some stories more than others. Your own personal tastes will likely differ from my own. For example, I’m personally not a fan of gross-out stories. I think stories that trigger disgust rather than fear shouldn’t even be considered horror, but rather be their own genre.

Anyway, my favorites in this collection were “The God of Rain” by Tim Lebbon in which a recently widowed woman sees her husband’s ghost and creates a god in the forest, and “Forever Dark” by Jonathan Winn, a dream-like, or rather, nightmare-like story with a confused narrator in which people are turned into trees and dissolving into ponds.

I also quite liked “Ripperscape” by Vincenzo Bilof which reads like someone’s nightmare and “Winter’s Dollhouse” by Renault Mason which involves creepy dolls and a couple diving underneath a frozen lake. “Bone Wary” by Jan Edwards about a killer who turns people into bone china is also worth a read.

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