Good News Friday

  • Abandoned oil and gas wells could be used to generate geothermal energy which would help people who work in oil and gas extraction to transition into clean-energy jobs. Vox.
  • Wildflower believed to be extinct for 40 years spotted in Ecuador. The Guardian.
  • Multiple sclerosis breakthrough as scientists reverse condition with transplant of immune cells that fight glandular fever. Daily Mail.
  • French tech company is building an exoskeleton that helps wheelchair users walk. Euronews.
  • These upcoming cancer vaccines may prevent tumors before they appear. Freethink.
  • Silencing one gene with CRISPR boosts crop yields by 10%. Freethink.
  • Hospital robots are helping combat a wave of nurse burnout. Wired.
  • 3D printing saved this Brazilian town’s coral reef. Grist.
  • A community in Austin, Texas is using geothermal energy to cut home energy bills to just $1 per month. Big Think.
  • Biden student loan pause could give 7 million borrowers a higher credit score. The Wall Street Journal.

For more good news, check out The Progress Network, and Future Crunch.

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