Good News Friday

  • China reduced air pollution in 7 years as much as US did in three decades. Bloomberg.
  • The number of homeless people in Houston has been cut by 63 percent since 2011 by moving more than 25,000 homeless people directly into apartments and houses. The New York Times.
  • The percentage of youths referred to adult courts dropped from 8% in 2010 to 2% in 2019. AP News.
  • People of Gaza swim in ‘crystal blue’ sea again, as sewage pollution reaches its lowest rate in years due to sewage treating facilities stepping up their operations. Euronews.
  • Local efforts have cut plastic waste on Australia’s beaches by almost 30% in 6 years. CSIROscope.
  • In Bali, bird sellers help endangered mynah make a comeback. AP News.
  • Golden lion tamarin conservation efforts have been successful, growing the population from a one-time low of 200 animals to more than 2,000 today. Mongabay.
  • Rats fitted with tiny backpacks are being trained to help earthquake survivors. Study Finds.
  • Australia’s minimum wage earners to get $40 a week pay rise. The Guardian.

For more good news, check out The Progress Network, and Future Crunch.

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