Good News Friday

  • Living standards have improved a lot since the 1980s. 24 charts that show we’re (mostly) living better than our parents. Full Stack Economics.
  • 3D-printed implants that grow new breast tissue before breaking down without a trace could help breast cancer survivors. The Guardian.
  • Dissolving implantable device relieves pain without drugs. Northwestern.
  • In a world-first, scientists create eco-friendly cement from algae. Interesting Engineering.
  • Climeworks is building a bigger carbon removal plant — and getting some new competition. Grist.
  • $26K solar car now has a factory — and will roll out this year. Freethink.
  • How child mortality fell from 40% to 3.7% in 200 years. Big Think.
  • India reports 86% fall in malaria cases since 2015 and a 79% reduction in deaths. Economic Times.
  • French drugmaker Sanofi will make 30 of its treatments, including insulin, available on a not-for-profit basis in 40 lower-income countries. Reuters.
  • The DNA-altering technology CRISPR is making strides in potential one-and-done treatments for sickle cell disease, genetic liver conditions, and more. Boston Globe.
  • NHS to test using drones to fly chemotherapy drugs to Isle of Wight. The Guardian.

For more good news, check out The Progress Network, and Future Crunch.

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