Book of Revelations by Fred C. Collier Part 2

Section Two — Part Two

The universe and six principles have always existed and will always exist. Creation is really just organizing that which already exists. The concept of creation from nothing is of Satan.

Behold I say unto thee: — There are, as ye would Perceive things, Six Self-Existent Principles, and these Principles are Without Beginning or End — they are Time, Space, Matter, Energy, Life and Law, and from these Principles Stem the Eternal Reality of all things that Exist.

Revelations 2:2:1

Time doesn’t have a beginning or end. It is impossible to travel back in time, but nothing is impossible for God. (Huh?) Time can be slowed down or sped up. Space doesn’t have a beginning or end. It is infinite and full of kingdoms without number.

Many kingdoms are not of God. The kingdom of Satan is evil. God can’t create evil. (So who created Satan?) There must be opposition in all things, so evil has to exist or righteousness would not exist. There are kingdoms created by neither Satan nor God, which they fight over.

Some races are not of God, but can be adopted unto God. Those who accept this gospel will be Children of the First Resurrection, both children of God and children of his Son. They’ll dwell in peace for a thousand years while Satan is locked up to prepare for the Celestial world.

Matter has no beginning or end, but it can be reorganized. Energy has no beginning or end. There is no energy without matter or matter without energy. Matter and energy are the essence of the elements and elements are the manifestation of truth, and truth is law which doesn’t change. God used Law to create all things and is bound by the Law.

Life is “In All Things and Through All Things and Round About All Things!” (I guess I might as well start capitalizing words the way he does.) Intelligence is the Essence of Life, the Power of all Living Things, and the Source of Life of All Things. All that Truly Lives is an Intelligence. The Power of Intelligence is Emotion. Intelligence is Collectively Joined so that “All might be All in All.”

Intelligencies (sic) have no beginning or end, “they may Pass from One Life to Another, and they may Pass from One World to Another” so I guess reincarnation is a thing. Intelligencies cannot be created or destroyed, so I guess procreation is all adoptive. The two forms of Matter are Elements (the manifestation of Truth) and the Spirit (Intelligence/ lowercase god/Life). All that lives is a Creator and is not Created. (So things created by Life are not alive I guess?) Lowercase god is In All Things. There are Greater and Lesser Intelligencies. Predestination is false.

And from Emotion cometh Consciousness and Desire and the Power of Volition which is the Capacity to Choose and to want, and to Experience Happiness and Joy, or Sadness and Sorrow.

Revelations 2:2:54

So what you’re saying is, Emotion gives us the power to experience emotions? That’s deep.

And again I Declare unto thee, Inasmuch as I did not Create Intelligencies, nor Organize their Mind or Being into Existence, I am not Responsible for their Acts, nor their Choices, nor am I Liable for the Existence of Evil.

Revelations 2:2:70

Evil is preexistent, so bad things aren’t God’s fault. But as he said earlier, good can’t exist without evil, so evil’s really a good thing anyway.

Section Two — Part Three

Atheists are evil and don’t do any good. They believe in Lies, so God allows Satan to deceive them… so they’ll believe in Lies.

Wherefore Atheists are Corrupt — they have done Abominable Works and there is None of Them that Doeth Good — No Not One!

Revelations 2:3:2

For this cause have I suffered that Satan might send them Strong Delusion, that they might believe in Lies — that they All might be Damned who receive not the Love of the Truth, for I the Lord thy God am a God of Truth!

Revelations 2:3:56 (see also Revelations 2:1:22 which capitalizes the words differently)

Section Two — Part Four

Before the numbered paragraphs, there’s a revelation that the Canannite Jews shall build a temple to their god (Satan/Cain/the Anti-Christ) upon the foundation of Solomon’s Temple. This is the Abomination of Desolation. The Anti-Christ’s father will be Sammael and a woman (unnamed apparently) shall be his mother. He’ll be of the lineage of Solomon and will show Great Signs and Wonders and if it were possible, he’d deceive the Very Elect.

He includes a rewrite of 2 Thessalonians 2 in which he changes the coming of Christ into the second coming of Christ. This is especially rich since the original says, “don’t let anyone deceive you into thinking the Lord has already come,” and he changes it to, “don’t let anyone deceive you into thinking the Lord has already come… a second time!” He also adds that Vagabond Jews compose the Synagogue of Satan. (Unfortunately, not the first time someone has inserted anti-Semitism into Paul’s writings.)

The numbered verses begin by telling us Canaanite Jews have altered and corrupted the scripture. They conflated the Father with the Son, and also removed references to the Divine Mother and Her Daughters. The Canaanite Jews removed references to the Resurrection, PreExistence, and Spiritual Creation. They removed references to Satan, made God seem Evil, and worshipped Satan. They introduced the evil doctrine of Monotheism, which evolved into the doctrine of Evolution!

Satan is the Anti-Christ. He’ll become Incarnate upon the Earth. Materialism is his Idol. Mystery Babylon is his Whore, the Great and Abominable Church of Satan. The Anti-Christ is Satan, but also the son of Satan. Adam-Belial, who is that old Serpent the Dragon, is his father and Eve-Belial which is Lilith was his mother. Satan is also the Firstborn son of that old Serpent who is Sammael, even as he is also Cain, the Firstborn son of Adam-Belial. Cain is Satan and the Anti-Christ.

Cain is the Wanderer spoken of in Job 1:7,2:2 as well as the Prowling Devil spoken of in 1 Peter 5:8 and the Evil Spirits that follow him are the Wandering Stars spoken of in Jude 1:13. He is also the Lord of the Netherworld which is Sheol.

Cain isn’t God’s son, but rather the son of Sammael and Lilith. Sammael assumed the name of Adam, and Cain assumed the name of Seth. His seed assumed the names of the seed of Seth. (This seems to be an attempt to explain why the names of Seth’s descendants are similar to Cain’s.) The seed of Cain called themselves Jews and Christians. This is how great Evil has been done in God’s name.

Evil has its place, though. Sammael and his Seed were given place upon Earth to do their work of Darkness in the Garden of Eden. It was Foreordained that the Firstborn Son of Eve should be Christ. God wouldn’t give bodies to the Evil Spirits and Demons that followed Satan in his Rebellion, so they turned to Sammael to give them bodies for they were foreordained (lowercase this time) to be the Sons of Perdition and children of Sammael.

The Sons of Perdition are made in God’s image, but they aren’t God’s children. God’s Divine Image is Talent and the Sons of Perdition did Not Magnify that Talent, but made Evil Thereof. So that Talent is taken from them and given to another and they’re Cast Out into Outer Darkness. They take on the Image of him whom they Serve, this is the Resurrection of the Damned mentioned in John 5:29. They become the children of that old Reptile who is Sammael.

For Verily, Verily, I say unto thee, Sammael is Humanoid, but he is not Human, for he and those of his kind have no Navel, for they be the children of Wrath and not the Children of Love.

Revelations 2:4:70

God’s body, which presumably has a navel, was Created to Magnify Love and Righteousness and show forth Happiness.

Sammael Induced Eve to Partake of that Fruit which was Forbidden. He did this to kill a God and Introduce Death into the world for Satan is Death. Cain Murdered God’s Son Abel. There have been Secret Works of Darkness unto the Present Time. Cain and his Seed were Preserved in order to do their Work of Darkness. This is so they could Entice the children of men unto Wickedness so they could be properly judged.

God’s Firstborn Son was a Keeper of Sheep (referring to Abel in Genesis 4:2) and a Good Shepherd (referring to Jesus in the New Testament) and a slaughtered Lamb (referring to the Book of Revelation). The Son was Foreordained before the world was to be the Propitiation for sins. This is why Abel/Christ was slain. After he was slain, Abel was reincarnated as Seth, the First Fruit of the Resurrection, but Christ’s Blood was better:

Wherefore was the Blood of the Christ better than the blood of Abel, for the Blood of the Christ bringeth to pass the Resurrection unto a Better Body — for the blood of Abel brought to Pass the Resurrection unto Life in Mortality, but the Blood of the Christ bringeth to pass the Resurrection unto Life Eternal.

Revelations 2:4:105

A Telestial Resurrection just gives you another Earth-like life. A Terrestrial World and its Resurrection is like the Earth before the Fall, and Earth at the time of the Reign of Jesus. There is no Death, however there is no Life Eternal. You only get Life Eternal with a Celestial Resurrection.

Seth was a Perfect Man, like God in all things. He was the Son of Man spoken of by Jesus:

Yea and he was like unto Me in all things, insomuch that he could be Distinguished from Me only by his age (D&C 107:43).

Revelations 2:4:117

After Abel, God begat Seventy Sons together with their Sisters. These became the Primordial Council, the Assembly of the Gods. However, they were Less Than Perfect. Each Son was given a Land of Promise upon the Earth that they might become Gods unto their Posterity. The second time Abel was born as Seth/Yahweh, he became the Last Born Son of the Primordial Council, making him both the First and the Last.

Collier gives his own translation of Genesis 5:1-5, changing Adam’s other sons and daughters into the Seventy Sons and Daughters of El. He gives his own translation of Colossians 1:12-20, adding a spiritual creation to the physical creation. God commands the other Gods to worship Yahweh. In his translation of Genesis 4:25-26, Seth is Yahweh.

Yahweh and his Progeny were Consecrated unto the Priesthood. The Children of Israel are the Progeny of Yahweh. He gives his own translation of various scriptures to support the idea of Yahweh being the ruler of the 70 other gods.

God’s Children begat Spirit Children when they were Spirits just as they begat Flesh Children when they were Flesh. God has Lived and Dwelt upon Worlds without number. God appears to be both mother and father:

Wherefore I did lay My body down that I might give birth to My Spirit Children in their 1st Estate — and afterwards I was Resurrected from Dust that I might become the Father of My Children in the Flesh in their 2nd Estate.

Revelations 2:4:159

Jesus is both Father and Son because he is God’s Son and the Father of the Elect Seed. God’s Elect Seed are the members of the Church of the Firstborn.

When Seth was born, Cain attempted to Usurp the Birthright. He assumed the name of Seth and his descendants assumed the names of Seth’s descendants. The Egyptians worshipped Cain/Seth/Set/Sethun/Satan/ Baal/Baalzebub/Beelzebub as one of their gods, a god of Darkness and Evil. The Egyptians knew that Satan was half Reptile and half Human.

We then get Collier’s retelling of Genesis 4. Cain’s offering is rejected because he offered not his heart, nor his mind, nor his being. Cain wants to be the Messiah. He plans on using Gold and Silver to Enslave the world so that Not One Soul Shall Be Lost. Abel does the offering the right way and offers to sacrifice himself.

And now Behold I Declare unto thee: In the Beginning things were on this wise: Sammael Propositioned Lilith and she accepted, and she did conceive and bare Cain — and Cain looked like those who live above ground, and not like those who dwell beneath.

Revelations 2:4:175

If you’re wondering who “those who dwell beneath” are, you’ll have to wait until a bit later to find out, but trust me, it’s worth it!

There’s a reference to Cain being rejected before in his Former Estate when he was Satan. God says Cain will murder his father Sammael and tells him to submit to Abel. He says Cain can choose for himself what he’ll do, however in the latter days, Jesus will Destroy Cain and his seed (seed is lowercase this time), so it sounds like Cain’s choice has already been foreordained.

But thou doest Not Well, and even as I Rejected thee Then, even so I also Reject thee Now — wherefore Sammael is at the door, and his desire is for thee — yea and he shall have thee, for thou art even now his son — and as for thy Dominion in the end, thou shalt rule over him, for Patricide is the way of Devils.

Revelations 2:4:195

Cain slays Abel and God curses Cain. The Third Part of Heaven that followed Cain in his First Estate will be born on Earth as Cain’s children. (This is different from mainstream Mormon theology which states those who followed Satan don’t get to have bodies.) Also, anyone who becomes Evil will become Cain’s Seed, but they have the chance to Repent. Cain will rule over Hell. Cain will be the Anti-Christ. God/Adam says anyone who slays Cain will be punished, for there needs to be evil in the world. Abel is born again as Seth.

Wherefore said I, whosoever slayeth Cain, Vengeance shall be taken upon him sevenfold, for it must needs be that there is a Devil on Earth, otherwise Righteousness cannot be brought to pass.

Revelations 2:4:215

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