Book of Revelations by Fred C. Collier Part 3

Section Two — Part Five

Cain and his children were the first to bring about Prostitution, Beastiality, Homosexuality, Music (which they used for Evil), Brass, Iron, and Implements of war. They were the first to create Secret Societies to get Gain through Murder and Enslave the Nations through Money.

Noah and his son Shem were Perfect in their Generations, but Ham took a Wife of the Daughters of Cain, so Cain’s Pure Seed was Preserved after the flood:

For the seed of Cain were given place on the Ark, in keeping with all living things, each after their kind.

Revelations 2:5:14

The Elect Seed of Yahweh remained Pure through Abraham and Isaac. Isaac had twins named Jacob and Esau who were Perfect in their Generations. However, Jacob carried the Elect Seed of Yahweh while Esau/Edom had a mixture of the Seed of Cain for he did that which is Evil and did Carouse with the daughters of Canaan and married a Canaanite. Jacob kept God’s command not to mix with the children of Cain and married his relatives Leah and Rachel and their servants Bilhah and Zilpah. So, I guess Seed isn’t a genetic thing, but something you can get from your wife somehow?

Jacob’s son Joseph and his sons Ephraim and Manasseh were Perfect in their Generations. Jacob’s son Judah did Evil by marrying a Canaanite. However, the Twins he begat with his daughter-in-law Tamar weren’t Canannite in order to fulfil the prophecy that both the Christ and the Anti-Christ would come from Judah. Tamar’s twins Pharez and Zarah were Perfect in their generations (lower case this time).

Nevertheless through the lineage of Pharez would come the Christ via his stepfather Joseph, but through the lineage of Zarah would come the Elect Seed of the Anti-Christ.

Revelations 2:5:34

Solomon was perfect (lowercase) in his generations (lowercase), but nevertheless did evil (lowercase) by taking many Wives and Concubines not authorized by God, including some among the daughters of Cain. He quotes from various Biblical passages that condemn marrying followers of other gods.

And now Behold I Declare unto thee, inasmuch as the Canaanite Seed of Judah did Inbreed in the house of Judah, for this cause are they white and not black.

Revelations 2:5:38

I don’t think he mentioned that the Canaanites were black before this point. Also, we’ve got to watch out for white Canaanites who are “Jackals dressed in sheep’s clothing”.

Due to interbreeding, there will be both Good and Evil descendants of Judah. You can’t assume all white people are Good, for some white people are hidden descendants of Cain. He quotes a mishmash of passages from his own translation of Jeremiah to make the point. The Canaanite Jews are given the same curse of Cain to be Wanderers and Vagabonds. They are Evil Continually and will not Repent.

Section Two — Part Six

Before the numbered verses, we get quotes from Mormon scripture concerning Secret Combinations and punishments for the wicked, which includes the mainstream LDS church.

When the numbered verses begin, we learn that America has allowed itself to become the Puppet of the Anti-Christ, so it will be Destroyed with him. America is the Great and Abominable Whore spoken of in Revelation 17. God inspired the Founding Fathers to write the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Our narrator says America worshipped Jesus Christ in the Beginning, so He’s apparently not aware that most of the founding fathers were deists. (Also, I thought the narrator of this was God, but he’s calling himself Jesus now.) He praises America for originally being a land of Freedom and Liberty, but America has Surrendered its Freedom and given up its Liberty to the Children of Cain. (If your Freedom is taken away when you choose the wrong thing, did you really ever have Freedom in the first place?) Jesus goes on to condemn International Banker Jews (whoa!), Sodomites, Abortion, Atheists, Satanists, Materialism, and Idolatry.

Yet now have ye Forsaken Me — yea and ye have Surrendered thy Kingdom and Government unto the Children of the Anti-Christ — yea even the Families of the International Banker Jews. Wherefore ye do serve the Anti-Christ and ye are his Tool.

Revelations 2:6:11

Canaanite Jews are children of Cain and they killed Christ. Cain is the Anti-Christ and the Canannite Jews are also the Anti-Christ. (In this passage, the narrator is once again God, not Jesus, so I guess they’re taking turns giving these revelations.)

The families of the International Banker Jews (sigh) are the Descendants of the Canaanite Jews. They seek to Destroy the Government of Every Nation to OverThrow the FreeDom and LiBerty of all Mankind. (Why would they want to overthrow every government then? Not all governments give their people liberty, after all.)

The Federal Reserve is the Private Bank of the International Banker Jews. They Stir up Wars among the Nations. Rulers and Popes and Priests are in their pocket. The Money of the Anti-Christ is the Root of All Evil.

Knowest thou not O AmericA, that the Federal Reserve Bank is the Private Bank of the Families of the International Banker Jews? Behold I Declare unto thee, Tis So!
Wherefore the Anti-Christ hath Corrupted thy Money, for He doth Print Money without Substance and loan it at Interest unto thy Government.

Revelations 2:6:35-36

The International Banker Jews Instigated World War I and Word War II and Financed Both Sides of the War. They have brought all Wars and Revolutions to pass. (Does this mean the American Revolution was a bad thing?) They Created Communism in Russia and China and financed Hitler and the Nazi Party. (Wait, I thought they wanted to overthrow all governments, not create governments.) Most odious of all, he accuses them of being behind the Holocaust:

Again, knowest thou not that through Treachery the International Banker Jews did cause that others of the Jewish people might be Sacrificed in the Holocaust — that they might gain the Sympathy of the World and obtain the United Nations and the State of Israel. Behold I Declare unto thee, Tis So!

Revelations 2:6:53

Ugh. Next he tells us that the State of Israel is not of God. The day will come when God will restore the true People of Israel. The State of Israel is a Communist Nation. Also, the Earth is hollow:

And it shall no more be said that the Lord God Liveth that bringeth the Children of Israel through the Red Sea on dry ground — it shall be said that the Lord God Liveth that bringeth the Children of Israel from up out of the Deep in the Far North.
And at that day the Lost Tribes of Israel shall Return from the Nethermost parts of My Vineyard — and they shall Pass out of the Great Hole in the Sides of the North.
And I shall speak unto the Earth, and the Earth shall Obey Me, and an Highway shall be cast up before them, and it shall be cast up from out of the Great Deep,
And the Ransomed shall pass over on dry ground, and at that day all the World shall Behold the Power of an Almighty God.

Revelations 2:6:62-65

The United Nation is the Puppet Government of the International Banker Jews. The IBJ own the Great Corporations of the whole world. Switzerland is the homeland of the IBJ. Hollywood and the Media is owned by the IBJ. The IBJ are Satanists. They have corrupted all Governments and Financial Institutions, also Law and Education, Medicine and Science, Entertainment and the Religions of the World.

America is the 1st Horn of the Second Beast spoken of in Revelation 13. America is also the 7th head of the 1st Beast. America rejected the Prophets (I assume he’s talking about Joseph Smith and Brigham Young here) and will therefor be destroyed.

Wherefore O AmericA, the Children of the Anti-Christ hath Prepared a Holocaust for thee, by Destroying thy InFraStructure — Death by StarVation of Hundreds of Millions, when the Trucks Stop Rolling — by Forced Injection, Prison Camps and Disease.

Revelations 2:6:96

All Flesh hath become corrupt. God’s Vengeance is coming upon All the Inhabitants of Earth, starting with those of His house. The speaker tells us to repent and believe in no other Saviour than Him. (I guess Jesus is talking again.) We should leave Babylon and gather in Holy Places to avoid the coming Famine. We should learn about the Medicinal Values of Plants and Herbs to prepare for the Plagues. We should prepare our Own Foods and Condiments to avoid Poison from the Enemy.

Section Three — Part One

This section starts with Collier’s translation of various scriptures including Malachi 4:1-6. Where it says the proud and wicked will burn, he changes “proud” to “Aliens”. I assume he’s talking about foreigners here, but since he believes in a hollow Earth, it’s entirely possible he’s talking about extraterrestrials. I mean, anything is possible at this point.

When he quotes Matthew 19, he changes “camel” going through the eye of a needle to a “rope” going through the eye of a needle, so I assume he’s in the camp that thinks there was an Aramaic original to the surviving Greek texts of the Gospels.

Once the numbered verses begin, we learn that the purpose of This Life is for the Elect to learn Obedience through Suffering to Prepare to Meet God. There is never more than One on Earth at a Time with the Keys of the Priesthood. The Priesthood is the only way for God’s people to be made One.

The Fulness of the Priesthood is to make an Everlasting Covenant to Serve God with your Whole Being and obey Him in everything. The Church of the Firstborn is the correct Church.

Children should Love, Honor, and Obey their Parents, but if you Love your Father or Mother or Son or Daughter more than God, that’s bad because God gets Jealous. However, Parents should stand as Gods unto their children, so you should look to your Parents as Gods, just make sure you don’t Love them more than God.

Nothing is impossible for those that believe. Believers will become Perfect and become Like God. God was once like us and we will one day become like Him.

Parents should Protect their Children for they are like Talents that God has given to them. Fathers and Husbands should devote themselves to the Priesthood, Mothers and Wives should devote themselves to the Priestesshood. (That’s right, he mentions Preistesshood casually like we’re already supposed to know about it, even though he’s never mentioned it before.)

The Fulness of God’s Priesthood is that Families shall be Bound Together in an Eternal Union as One. Fathers Stand in for God to his Wife and Children. Mothers stand in (lowercase) as Goddess to her husband (lowercase) and children (lowercase). Also, not just God is speaking to us, but now both God the Father and God the Mother are talking:

And they shall Love Me their Father and their Mother, and they shall be One in Me, for if they are not One in Me, they are not Mine.

Revelations 3:1:47

Father and Mother then decide to switch their pronouns from Me to We. Both Heavenly Father and Mother laid down their Lives for Their Children by Falling from Heaven to give Birth unto Their Children in Mortality.

Heavenly Father and Mother are the Only God. Also, They are One with Their Fathers (previous One and Only Gods?) and One with us. Seems to be saying everybody who exists is the Only God, so we’re starting to get into solipsistic territory here.

We thy Father and thy Mother and thy God and thy Goddess. Wherefore We are the Only God with whom ye have to do.
Yea We are One with our Fathers before Us and They are One in Us, therefore are We made Perfect in One, and wherefore are We One God, Infinite and Eternal.

Revelations 3:1:57,59

If a man dishonor his Wife, it’s the same as dishonoring Heavenly Mother and this is bad because Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father are One, so you’re really dishonored God. Ditto if a woman dishonors her husband, or if children dishonor their parents.

The Daughters of Eve are redeemed from the Curse of the Fall because they are One with God (singular again.) The Marriage Law of a Fallen World was given for a Fallen People under Moses, but the New and Everlasting Covenant of Marriage is the Beginning of the Return of Earth to its Paradisiacal Glory.

Husbands and Wives are Counselors to each other. They are One. If you don’t Loveth Your Wife, you don’t Lovest Yourself. If you aren’t One with your Wife, the Power of your Priesthood won’t work. A footnote explains that in cases where Celestial Union isn’t possible, things devolve back to Genesis 3:16 in which a Husband rules over his Wife.

God Commands that Husbands and Wives and Children Dwell Together Forever. Every man and woman must become a little one and remain a Son and Daughter unto their Parents throughout all Time and Eternity. No man is fit to be a Father until he has learned to be a Son. No man can Rule until he has first learned to be Ruled.

The Great Laws of God’s Kingdom are to Love God and Love Thy Neighbor as Thy Self. Also, ye must do unto others what ye would have others do unto you. (Someone once pointed out that rape is okay according to the Golden Rule, so the Golden Rule really isn’t that great when you stop to think about it.)

God first revealed Celestial Law to Moses, but the Children of Israel would not receive it, so He cursed them with a Law of Carnal Commandments. If you can’t handle the Celestial Law, you’ll get a Lesser Degree of Glory.

Here is Wisdom, when I the Lord God offer Knowledge or a Blessing to a man and he Refuses to Receive it, he will be Damned.

Revelations 3:1:88

If you Refuse God’s Law, you’ll Die in Your Sins and remain Filthy Still. There are many kingdoms each with its own Law. Even if you prophesy, cast out devils, and do wonderful works in God’s name, that’s no guarantee you’ll enter into the Celestial Kingdom.

God can’t tell us about the New and Everlasting Covenant now for we are Little Children, but He’ll tell us later. (Is this polygamy?)

The Mysteries of Godliness can’t be understood except by the Power of the Holy Spirit, so keep it to yourself. Don’t cast pearls before swine. However, if anyone wants to know, they just need to ask of God with a Sincere Heart and Real Intent and they’ll find out.

The Gospel of Peace will bring a Sword and divide families. If you love a parent or child more than you love God, you aren’t worthy of God. If you forsake family for God, you’ll inherit Everlasting Life.

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