Book of Revelations by Fred C. Collier Part 4

For those keeping track, we last left off at Section Three — Part One. Since there is no Section Three – Part Two (perhaps it will be revealed at a later time?), we now resume at Section Three — Part Three.

Section Three — Part Three

The Father’s Priesthood is given first to Ephraim and his Seed, then afterwards to the other Tribes of Israel. Judah will be last for the First shall be Last and the Last shall be First. There shall be Twelve Thousand out of every Tribe.

There shall be an Hundred and Forty and Four Thousand that shall be Ordained unto the Priesthood (12,000 from each of the 12 tribes). They have not Defiled themselves with women. Their Calling and Election until their Third Estate shall be Made Sure. They will preach the Gospel in all the world. Then the End will come and the Wicked shall be Destroyed.

The Righteous will be Taken up into a Cloud, the Great Cherubim of God. The Wicked will be bound into Bundles which are the Cities of Babylon. The Wicked will be allotted a short time, then Cometh the Day of Burning. Mystery Babylon and all her cities shall be Destroyed in the Space of One Hour.

The One Hundred and Forty and Four Thousand will all be Born of Goodly Parents. They were Foreordained unto God in their Former Estate. God’s Name will be Written in their Foreheads. They and their Sisters are the Children of the First Resurrection.

The One Hundred and Forty and Four Thousand will be Born in the Holy City which is Zion atop Mount Zion in the Morn of the First Resurrection. The City of Zion doth Repose in Eden. The Mountain of the Holy Temple is the Highest Mountain of the Inner World. Mount Zion is a Towering Table Mountain, a Virtual Fortress.

God tells us about his Holy Mountain and Holy City inside the Earth where He began His work in the Beginning of Time and will begin His Work in the Latter Days.

And again I Declare unto thee: Mount Zion doth reside in the Nethermost Region of the Far North — for there is a Great Hole there, and a New World and Central Sun Within.
Wherefore the Mountain of My Holiness doth lie in the Heart of the North — in the Recesses thereof — yea even in the Center of the World. For Mount Zion is the Navel of the Earth, and it doth reside in the Center thereof, in the Sides of the North.
Wherefore My Sacred Mountain doth stand in its Own Place, in a New World — yea even that New World which is Old, the Knowledge of which hath been Hid up from the children of men. And My Holy City doth lie at Rest upon the Summit thereof.
And a Great Fountain doth Spring forth atop Mount Zion, and from thence it divides into four streams — that the Waters of Life might meander through the Garden and Overflow the Sides of My Holy Mountain. And from thence, they go forth into the four quarters of the Inner World, that they might water the face of the ground.

Revelations 3:3:59-62

The Creation story is written from the Perspective of the world within the Hollow Sphere. The waters below refer to those within the Earth, the waters above are on the surface of Earth. There are stars inside the Hollow Earth, etc. The Earth is alive and was formed in the Womb of Jupiter:

And the Earth was without form, and there was a Void in the Midst of the Watery Abyss — and the Void became the Space of the great Hollow of the heaven and Earth within.
Yea and Sheol is also in the midst of the Crust of the Earth, in the Place of Darkness, and this is the Pit of the Damned — yea even the Nether World, which doth reside in the Realm of Eternal Fire.
And Now Behold, I Declare unto thee: the Earth is Alive, and She is even as thy Mother, and She was formed in the Womb of Jupiter.

Revelations 3:3:72,78-79

The Lost Tribes of Israel Reside within the Great Hole of the Far North.

Yea and in the day of their Return, their Prophets shall go before them — and the Ice shall Flow Down at their Presence — and an Highway shall be Cast Up from Out of the Midst of the Great Deep. And in that day the Children of My People shall Return unto the lands of their Inheritance.

Revelations 3:3:89

And there you have it. My summary of The Book of Revelations of Fred C. Collier. The racism and anti-Semitism are unfortunate. The opposition to evolution, atheism, abortion, and homosexuality are to be expected. It’s surprising that he doesn’t address polygamy, but I guess that would be casting pearls before swine.

I was pleasantly surprised that he believes in the hollow Earth, although upon reflection, I shouldn’t be that surprised since back when I was a Mormon, I recall some of my co-religionists believed the lost tribes were hidden there. Joseph Smith being the Holy Ghost is an interesting idea, as is the idea that Abel, Seth, and Jesus are all the same person and the idea that Cain and Satan are one and the same. Mormons don’t generally believe in reincarnation, so it’s interesting that Collier does.

He says predestination is false and we all have free will, yet certain events are foreordained and some spirits are foreordained to be either evil or good, so I find his thinking here a bit muddled. Also, God punishes those who don’t submit to Him, which also takes free will out of the equation as far as I’m concerned.

The way he addresses the problem of evil is interesting as well. God didn’t create us, so He’s not responsible for the evil we do and the reason God doesn’t prevent evil is because without evil, there would be no good. The existence of evil is necessary to test the righteous.

I like that he acknowledges the existence of Heavenly Mother, another of Mormonism’s strong points that the mainstream Mormon church inexplicably tries to distance itself from. Mentions of female gods and Priestesshood are also nice, although he doesn’t say much about them other than they exist.

Multiple gods each having their own people upon the Earth is an interesting idea as well, however this is confused by his insistence that all gods are really One God. Why did he spend so much time pointing out evidence of polytheism in the Bible, only to come back around to the multiple gods all really being one god? Also, saying all living being are creators, but none are created is an oxymoron as far as I’m concerned.

It’s interesting that Satan and his kind have no navel because apparently the navel is a symbol of love which Satan and his kind lack. Also, Satan is half reptile? I thought his father being a dragon was meant to be symbolic, but I guess it’s literal.

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