Good News Friday

  • In Cambodia, 99% of women now give birth with help from a trained healthcare provider, a huge increase from just over one in three women in 2000. Also, neonatal and under five mortality rates have rapidly declined over the past two decades and life expectancy has gone up. Khmer Times.
  • There is no sixth mass extinction going on. Warp News.
  • Critically endangered porpoise shows signs of recovery. Bird Guides.
  • Volcanic microbe eats CO2 ‘astonishingly quickly’, say scientists. The Guardian.
  • With bird-tracking AI and turbines that grind to a halt before strikes occur, today’s wind farms are safer than ever for travelers on the wing. Reasons to be Cheerful.
  • By intervening early, often with small rent payments, a Portland shelter kept nearly 100 families out of homelessness last year, saving thousands of dollars in future rehousing costs. Reasons to be Cheerful.
  • Spain sees the world’s first lung transplant performed entirely by robot. Euronews.
  • Convictions cleared for nearly 850K Michiganders as ‘Clean Slate’ program takes effect. Michigan Advance.

For more good news, check out The Progress Network, and Future Crunch.

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