Good News Friday

  • These simple green lights could save sharks and turtles from fishing nets. Science.
  • How HIV elimination is within Australia’s reach. BBC.
  • A Swedish company plans on using crows to pick up cigarette butts. The Hill.
  • Crime is down from pre-pandemic levels in San Francisco and other cities. Reason.
  • UK ovarian cancer death rate down 17% since 2017, study suggests. The Guardian.
  • Chemists turn carbon emissions into a solid — instantly. Anthropocene.
  • From the start of the US vaccination campaign through the end of November 2021, Covid-19 vaccines prevented about 1.1 million deaths and 10.3 million hospitalizations in the United States. Vox.
  • U.S. economy grew 5.7 percent in 2021, fastest full-year clip since 1984, despite ongoing pandemic. Washington Post.
  • Fur seals in New Zealand were hunted close to extinction, but in the century since the sealing industry collapsed, they have recovered to more than 200,000. The Guardian.
  • As we enter the Year of the Tiger, WWF looks back on all the progress made in tiger recovery since the last Year of the Tiger in 2010. WWF.
  • 2021 was a banner year for solar power in the European Union. All EU states are currently on track to reach their 2030 solar goals, with Latvia and Estonia already meeting their 2030 solar targets, and Poland, Ireland, and Sweden expected to reach them next year. Yale360.

For more good news, check out The Progress Network, and Future Crunch.

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