Good News Friday

  • The United States passes bipartisan legislation that will overhaul how workplace sexual assault and harassment claims are handled, eliminating a central source of protection for the perpetrators. The New York Times.
  • Pakistan’s new law aims to protect women in workplace. Human Rights Watch.
  • Puerto Rico teachers will get a $1K a month salary boost. NBC News.
  • 10 states passed laws to protect hospital patients from heavy medical debt. The Wall Street Journal.
  • Malaria-preventing bed nets save children’s lives with impacts that can last for decades. Science.
  • 2 cancer patients “cured” after promising immunotherapy treatment. Axios.
  • Walking again after paralysis: Early study suggests stimulation could jolt spinal cord back to life. STAT.
  • Tiny homes, big dreams: How some activists are reimagining shelter for the homeless. NPR.
  • Bionic eye implants enable a blind person to see again. Freethink.
  • A roadway will charge your electric vehicle while you’re driving. Axios.

For more good news, check out The Progress Network, and Future Crunch.

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